Immunity Parts Ways With CS:GO Roster

With a heavy heart, today we announce the departure of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster from the Team Immunity Organisation.


Joining Team Immunity more than a year ago, today we regrettably say goodbye to a formidable roster consisting of some of the best people this region has to offer, both in and out of the game. They include; Cal ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson, Mohammed ‘MoeycQ’ Tizani, Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai, Erdenetsogt ‘erkaSt’ Gantulga, Alex ‘MAGIKKK’ Langusch, as well as the prior departure of long-time Team Immunity member, James ‘James’ Quinn.


Since the roster came in to action almost a year ago, we have experienced some memorable highlights, such as reaching the WCA 2016 World Finals in China, placing third at the Asia Minor Championship for Krakow 2017, as well as a third-place finish in last weekend’s ZEN League Season One finals in Sydney.


We’d like to sincerely thank the team for their outstanding resilience, professionalism, and efforts throughout the past ten months. We wish you all the best of luck on in your future ventures.