Recapping the Asia Minor

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A Third-Placed Finish

Team Immunity’s run at the PGL Asia Minor Championships came to an end this evening, finishing in third place and narrowly missing qualification to the PGL Major Kraków qualifier.

The team fought a string of matches – some ending in victory, while others in defeat, facing off against the best of the best opponents in the Asia-Pacific region.

Immunity fought hard and strong to reach the climactic stages of the event, but ultimately fell just short of achieving our top two goal.


As the Events Unfolded:


Team Immunity’s matches were played in the ‘B’ group, which included teams TyLoo, The MongolZ and 7642. With only the top two from each group progressing through to the weekend matches, everything was at stake in these best-of-one matches.

Immunity found initial success facing The MongolZ –  a solid performance coming out from both sides which ultimately led to an Immunity victory at 16-13. This performance however, did not translate to their next match against TyLoo, losing out on the top-seed position 4-16 and forced to play a best-of-three match to secure their continuation to the weekend matches.

In the best-of-three matchup to progress through to the next day, our opponents were to be The MongolZ once again. Determined to keep their run going, Immunity came out strong and fighting, emerging victorious in convincing fashion.



After advancing from the group stages and into the final four, Immunity were matched up against the top seeded team from Group ‘A’, Flash Gaming. As the underdogs coming in to the match, Immunity were to face what many had thought to be a challenge they simply could not overcome. Analysts and audience alike predicted that Immunity would fall to the hands of the Chinese super-team that was Flash Gaming.

However, this proved not to be the case.

As it had happened earlier in the day with Renegades toppling TyLoo, Immunity showed up the the plate and clean swept Flash Gaming off their feet, pushing their opponents into the lower bracket, and moving through to the upper bracket final themselves, with scores of 16-14 and 16-10.

Having defied the odds, Immunity came through prepared to face an Australian derby: Immunity vs. Renegades. Both teams looked on an even playing field during the first two maps, taking one map a piece and pushing through to a decider match. It was either teams game for the taking, but unfortunately for us, Renegades were the team that crossed the finish line first. Immunity were dropped into the lower bracket, with Renegades advancing to the grand final match.



With the team’s morale levels still at a high from Saturday’s outstanding performances, Immunity came in to Sunday with a heightened sense of vigour, another shot at a taste of victory. As fate would have it though, it would be TyLoo – Immunity’s bogey team throughout the group stages.

Coming off a tough fought victory in the Chinese derby, TyLoo were looking as if they were on fire – and on fire they were. With lightning speed, TyLoo stormed through Immunity’s defences, securing an enormous lead and seeing through to decimate Immunity 1-16.

From being on top of cloud nine on Saturday, to falling to absolute zero, Immunity were visibly crushed; their morale absolutely depleted and hopes of qualifying for the Major Qualifier quickly fading away.

Immunity still had to see out another map though, holding in to every hope and opportunity they could. Struggling though the final map, Immunity could not make anything from the second map, with every attempt at victory swiftly shut down by TyLoo, losing 2-16 and watching qualification slip though their fingers.

An unfortunate way to end our Asia Minor story, Immunity were simply outplayed by the better team. However, the closing of one book means the opening of another, and we still have unfinished business back on home soil.

We wish the best of luck to both Renegades and TyLoo in the grand final match, as well as the Major qualifier in Kraków.

Thank you to everyone who supported us on this amazing journey. We’re proud of the team’s results nonetheless, and look forward to whichever journey comes next.


Luke ‘Sjambok’ Harris


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