Team Immunity + Vertagear

Team Immunity are pleased to announce our new partnership with Vertagear!

Based in Los Angeles, California, Vertagear first came to the market in 2015 with their award-winning S-Line chairs, including the high-end VG-SL5000 Series Racing Chairs.

More recently, Vertagear have announced their brand new range of gaming series chairs – the TRIIGGER High Caliber Gaming Chair. Designed with ergonomics in mind, Vertagear chairs are made to the highest quality, using advanced mechanisms inspired by none other than the Formula One race car.

Now, Vertagear are looking to splash into the Australian market, by partnering with Team Immunity to bring their expertise down under.

Vertagear are no stranger to the eSports scene either, also sharing partnerships with powerhouse organisations Virtus.Pro and Echo Fox.

Including a wide variety of options in their arsenal, with focus on multiple designs, colour combinations and build materials, Vertagear chairs have the ability to give you the ergonomic edge over your opponents and the comfort to take your game to the next level.

Team Immunity are looking forward to our new alliance with Vertagear, providing us with the comfort and expertise to conquer and set the bar for competitive eSports in Australia and around the world.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris