Team Immunity Retains Title of WPGI Champions

Team Immunity have retained their title as CS:GO WPGI champions, after defeating competitors Dakkas last night, in a best of three final.

In what was the second WPGI tournament, hosted by Peanut Gallery, Team Immunity were invited to compete for bragging rights and defend their crown against two up-and-coming Australian Female Counter-Strike teams, Corvidae and Dakkas.

Being placed as first seed in the invitational competition, Immunity were put straight in to the final, where they would play the winner of Corvidae vs. Dakkas in a best of three format.

As the two teams battled it out in their best of one heat, Immunity were able to take a closer look at their competitors play-style, and better prepare themselves for the final test.

It was an extremely close battle between Corvidae and Dakkas on Mirage. Dakkas started off exceptionally well, gaining the majority of rounds on their terrorist side. Corvidae though, managed to claw their way back in to the game, fighting hard and bringing the match to overtime. As the two challengers looked to be inseparable, Dakkas were able to just pull ahead at the last hurdle, knocking out Corvidae with a score of 18-15 and progressing on to face Team Immunity in the final.

With Dakkas warmed up, and Immunity prepared to defend their title, the game was on, with map picks of Cache (Dakkas) and Cobblestone (Immunity). An overwhelming performance by the Immunity girls saw them able to pick up multiple rounds with ease on their counter-terrorist side, with Dakkas failing to find an answer to the strong Immunity defence. With the scores set at a comfortable 13-2 to Immunity at the half time break, Immunity were able to close out map 1 convincingly by winning the following pistol rounds. The final score was 16-2 to Team Immunity, who looked exceptionally polished coming into the second map.

Coming in to Immunity’s map choice of Cobblestone, it looked to be a much closer match up. Starting on CT side once more, Immunity dropped the first three rounds of the game, giving Dakkas a head start coming in to the first buy rounds of the match. It wasn’t until the scores were set at 1-5 that Immunity dug their heels in and started picking up consecutive rounds and proving their defensive skills. With scores at 8-7 at the half time switch, Dakkas were starting to show that they were no easy opponents to overcome, something which was not seen in their previous game on Cache. Unfortunately for Dakkas though, Immunity were much too strong on their T side, picking up seven rounds as opposed to Dakkas’ one round, bringing the final score to 16-8 and 2-0 for the Immunity girls.

By defeating Dakkas and winning the second WPGI tournament, Team Immunity retains their bragging rights and remains undefeated in the Australian Female CS Scene.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris