ESL AU & NZ Matchweek #6 & #7 Recap

In today’s recap, we explore and review our recent results closing out the round robin match weeks of the ESL AU & NZ Championship.


Team Immunity vs. The Chiefs


Rewinding back to October 4, Immunity had a tough match-up against the in-form Chiefs, on maps Train and Nuke. We got off to a tough start on Train, with both teams pulling ahead of one another, before the half closed out practically level, with scores of 8-7 to Team Immunity. However, moving on to our T-side, we struggled to string rounds together against our foes, whom capitalized on our losses and edged us out with a score of 12-16.

Next up on Nuke, we didn’t get the start we were looking for, not being able to perform at our best and dropping a large number of rounds. With the scores at 3-12, it all but seemed to be a crippling loss for us. However, aiming to bounce back from our previous loss, the boys knuckled down and gave it their best shot. We fought back from far behind, with James managing to clutch out the final round in a 1v1 situation, bringing the score to a draw at 15-15, and 0-1-1 for the night.


Team Immunity vs. Exile5


Moving on a week to October 12, our last scheduled match-up in the league was against the recently acquired Exile5 roster, which was picked up from Team Skyfire late last month. Again, matches were drawn on maps Train and Nuke.

Starting on Train’s CT Side, Immunity lost the first three rounds of the game, but bounced back to keep themselves slightly in front of Exile5 for the majority of the game. Unfortunately, this didn’t last, as we fell behind towards the closing stages of the game, requiring the boys to come from behind and bring the game to a 15-15 draw.

Still reeling from last map’s draw, Immunity were extremely late to get going on Nuke, dropping the first ten rounds of the game, and putting us at a major disadvantage. With the score at 3-12 by half-time, Immunity put in a last-ditch attempt to get the better of the game on their CT half, winning the pistol rounds but unfortunately dropping the rest of the game, ending the night on a low with a match score of 6-16 and a total score of 0-1-1 for the night.


Crunching The Numbers

We’re now into crunch time, and with all of our games played and only one more match day to go in the competition, Team Immunity is still in the running for a top four spot and advancement into the semi-finals.

The final match of the season will be played on Tuesday, October 18, and will ultimately be the determining factor whether or not we qualify for the semi-finals.

Currently, we’re sitting in fourth spot, behind leaders Parallax, Athletico and level on points with The Chiefs. However, since our result against The Chiefs ended with a loss and a tie for us, The Chiefs are seeded above us, thus putting them in a higher position.

Considering that Onestop and Exile5 have yet to play their game against each other, it is still entirely possible that we could slip into fifth place and miss out on the semi-final spot. If OneStop manage to pick up a single map against Exile5, then unfortunately we get pushed down to fifth, failing to qualify. However, if Exile5 win both games, both games are drawn, or Exile5 win one game and another is drawn, then we will retain our fourth position spot and gain entry in to the semi-finals.

All we can do now is sit back and reflect on our past performances whilst the events of the final games continue to pan out, and hope that the results of the Onestop and Exile5 games swing in our favour.

In other news, things aren’t looking so bad in the ESEA-P league. We currently sit on the top of the ladder, having won nine consecutive games, only losing our first game against The Chiefs in the first week. Our next match in the league will be against Supremacy on October 20.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris