Team Immunity wins $1000 WPGI Tournament

Team Immunity has taken out first prize in the first ever Australian Women’s Invitational tournament, hosted by Peanut Gallery last night, in a superb fashion against other Australian Women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams.

On their Team Immunity debut, captain Sarina ‘Sarina’ Bruno, led her team of ‘Maddy’, ‘Bunny’, ‘Raizy’ and ‘Cara’ to victory against other female Australian teams Athletico and Dark Sided.

Team Immunity vs. Athletico


Kicking things off on a best of one against Athletico on Dust II, Immunity prepared their defences as Counter-Terrorists, proving to be near-impenetrable against the unproven Terrorist side of Athletico. Securing a phenomenal thirteen consecutive rounds in a row, and shutting down almost every attack their opponents threw at them. Having secured 13 rounds, it was a textbook task for the team to close out the first game with a score of 16-2, knocking Athletico out of the tournament and progressing on to the finals.

Team Immunity watched on from the sidelines after their decisive victory, as their to-be opponents Dark Sided edged out Ravens with a close score of 16-12, getting an insight to their opponent’s style of play coming into the finals, which would be formatted in a best of three.

Team Immunity vs. Dark Sided


With their morale high and confidence booming, Team Immunity put on a repeat display as the first map of Dust II was selected again, with Immunity also starting on the Counter-Terrorist side once more.  Winning the first ten rounds of the game, Immunity felt as though they were on top of the world. Losing just two rounds, Team Immunity once more secured another 16-2 victory and gained the advantage coming into the next map.

Coming in to the next and would-be final map of Mirage, Immunity switched to starting as the Terrorist side. With Dark Sided taking out the pistol round and beginning the game with a three round advantage, it was clear that this match-up would be a tougher battle for Immunity. Immunity managed to pull back though, eventually gaining a few rounds on their opponents and closing out the half with a score line of 9-6 to the Immunity girls.

Switching halves heading in to the final leg of the tournament, Immunity dropped the first three rounds of the second half to their opponents, bringing the score level at 9-9. Immunity though, determined not to drop another round, pushed on to win the next six rounds, closing out the game with a final score of 16-9.

Our MVP of the tournament goes to Raizy for achieving a huge amount of frags, notably with scores of 24-4 against Dark Sided on Dust II, and 20-3 after just ten rounds against Athletico.

Congratulations to our female CS:GO team for taking out the $1000 grand prize and being crowned WPGI Champions. Thanks to all teams that participated in the tournament, and providing a great leap forward for the future of eSports in Australia.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris