6T4Sports Pro-Am Season 2 Final ft. Team Immunity & The Chiefs

Last Monday night, Immunity players James ‘JAMES’ Quinn, and Cal ‘bURNRUOk’ Henderson, were invited to participate in the second 6T4Sports Pro-Am Series Final.

Each Tuesday night for the past six weeks, amateur Counter-Strike players across the nation have fought head to head against each other on the 6T4Sports Community Night ladder, hosted by FaceIt, with the first-place winners of each week obtaining the chance to play with the professionals in the finals.

Alongside Team Immunity, were invited players from The Chiefs, Tyler ‘tucks’ Reilly, and Liam ‘malta’ Schembri. The six community night winners were ‘Skitz’, ‘1ukeyboy’ and ‘RustyBunny’ for Team Immunity, and ‘Hooks’, ‘Jkaz’ and ‘burk’ for The Chiefs.

Having participated, as well as taking out the title of Pro-Am Champion last season, we caught up with James before the event.


“I love to be involved with 6T4Sports Pro-Am, as it’s not only another way I get to interact with my fans, but also a different level of the community. I feel professional players don’t interact with the amateurs enough, so through people like 6T4Sports it’s an opportunity for us to use it for ourselves. It really is such a great event for the whole community.”

“The professional scene is something most players strive for, and to break through, it can be difficult. The 6T4Sports Pro-Am gives all people involved to network and interact with a range of players and professionals.”

“ESports is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. It’s absolutely amazing to have the opportunities to be a part of it as well. It’s only going to be a matter of time before Australia catches up to the rest of the world. We’ve already started to get bigger prize pools for tournaments and better venues, we just need to make sure our passion for eSports stays with us.

-James ‘JAMES’ Quinn
Team Immunity Captain


Kicking things off on Cache, Immunity struggled to get off to a good start, losing the first three rounds on their T-side and being at a disadvantage against The Chiefs. With the scores of 1-6 to The Chiefs, Immunity did manage to string a few rounds together, but not before The Chiefs regained their hold on the match, taking the score to 4-11 by halftime. At the switch, The Chiefs again won the pistol round, punishing Team Immunity and forcing them into financial distress. The final score on Cache was 6-16 to The Chiefs.

After a bit of banter between the professional players during the interim break, caster jimNeso interviewed James and Tucks, with each giving out some well-informed advice on moving up in the world of professional CS:GO, as well as talking to the amateur players, gathering their thoughts on their professional leaders.

With Mirage looming, and both teams determined to prove their dominance over each other, the match was heating up. With The Chiefs electing once again to start on T-side, the team were confident on continuing their form from the previous game. Once again, The Chiefs prevailed in the pistol round, securing the first three and keeping Team Immunity busy, thinking of ideas to counter the encroaching terrorists. It was again looking to be a similar story for the two sides, as the scores were set at 3-12 to The Chiefs at the half time break.

A fourth pistol round win from The Chiefs looked to pave the way for them to close out the match, but Team Immunity were not done yet. Determined not to lose another game to their Australian rivals, Team Immunity fought back, bringing the score to a more promising 7-13. However, The Chiefs, proving dominance over Team Immunity, kept their head in the game, and successfully managed to close out map 2 with a score of 8-16, winning both games and The Chiefs taking home the title of Pro-Am Champions.

The 6T4Sports Pro-Am series has given many amateur Counter-Strike players a good taste and an insight to what playing professionally might be like, and has encouraged new players to emerge on to the competitive Counter-Strike scene.

A big thanks to our sponsors Intel Australia for supporting us as well as their ongoing sponsorship with the 6T4Sports Pro-Am Championship.


Luke “Sjambok” Harris