Team Immunity ESEA-P Recap Sep 26/27 – Interview with JAMES

With a season break putting the ESL AU & NZ Championship on hold, this week we turn our attention to Team Immunity’s performance so far in the ESEA Premier League, and we discuss with team captain James ‘JAMES’ Quinn on his thoughts and progress with the team so far.

ESEA-P Recap: September 26-27

The third round of the ESEA Premier League kicked off this week with each participating team playing on the assigned map choice of Cache. Immunity’s matches were drawn against bottom-placed Western Australian team FZGAMING, and mid-table SYF GAMING.

Immunity first kicked things off against FZGAMING, where a strong CT half ensured they had the upper hand by halftime, with a score of 9-6. Not losing their grip on the second half of the match, Immunity kept their consistency, beating FZGAMING to a comfortable 16-10 victory, with deStinty bagging himself a 5-kill ace round along the way.

Moving on to the next game against SYF, things weren’t looking too great for Immunity, as they found themselves down 6-9 by half time on their CT side. With a close lead, SYF started to lose their grip on the game in the second half, and the team couldn’t figure out an answer for the onslaught which was Team Immunity. In the end, Immunity took the game in the second half with a final score of 16-11.

Interview with Team Captain – James ‘JAMES’ Quinn

With only a few matches this week, we took the time to interview team captain James ‘JAMES’ Quinn, on his thoughts on his team’s progress so far, and get an idea of what we can expect from the team in the future.

Being one of the newer lineups in the region, how well do you think has your team gelled together?

JAMES: As any new team emerges, we need to make sure we are taking our time doing everything properly and learning each other’s strengths and weakness. So it does take time, but over the past month we have showed some strong results, and we are happy in which the direction of the team is heading. We just have to make sure we keep up the consistency.

Towards the end of the previous Team Immunity roster, you took over the role of team captain. Retaining the role of team captain with a completely new line-up, how have you dealt with the transition to the new team? How have you managed to gain/retain the respect of your teammates, and what impacts has the new team had on your experience as a leader?

JAMES: Dealing with the transition with the new team has actually been quite easy, especially when I have players such as gazR and deStiny by my side who have been at the top level in Counter-Strike before. So they understand a lot, and although we were at the top at different times throughout our careers we all maintain that level of respect for each other which is great. It’s been really amazing to see young and old talent come together. I remember my first time in Team Immunity where I was the “young talent” without much experience and now almost three years later It’s the other way round, and it’s just amazing to have the support by all the players in the team.

There are always going to be aspects of teams which can be improved upon. What do you believe your team needs to work on to continue your success?

JAMES: It’s hard to say with such a brand new lineup. There are many things we need to work upon but our biggest problem at the moment is consistency. It currently seems that one game we’re dominant, and there are showings of what we can do, then other games we have mental breakdowns and lose close games for ourselves. So we have a lot to work on, but it’s only a matter of time.

After the ESL AU&NZ Championship concludes, what’s the next focus for Team Immunity?

JAMES: At the moment the team is just taking everything competition by competition, with WESG qualifiers coming & more we need to make sure we stay confident and focus on one thing at a time. We have long term and short term goals, but our main focus is winning everything.

With five wins and one loss on Team Immunity’s record in the ESEA-Premier league, the team currently sits in a joint-second position alongside Australian team The Chiefs and New Zealand squad Parallax. Team Immunity’s next games in the ESEA-P league will be against up-and-coming Team Erase and current league leaders Athletico next week.

Our journey in the ESL AU & NZ Championship resumes this Tuesday October 4, when Immunity takes on The Chiefs in the sixth round of the tournament. You’ll also be able to catch Team Immunity players JAMES and BURNRUOk play in a friendly match against The Chiefs players Tucks and Malta, as the four pros join up alongside six amateur players in the 6T4Sports Pro-Am finals this Monday night.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris