Team Immunity vs. Avant Garde – 7 Sep 16

Team Immunity vs. Avant Garde recap: ESL CS:GO AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Week 3 Matchday 6

Team Immunity stormed to victory last night in a thrilling 2-0 win against Avant Garde in Week 3 of the ESL AU & NZ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship Series.

Our squad, consisting of destiny, BURNROUk, Gratisfaction, JAMES and coach gazR, joined together once again as they faced the team of Avant Garde, which was comprised of zedske, sK, IyeN, Dezibel and Noisia.

With Avant Garde choosing to veto Train and Immunity banning Nuke, the maps of choice were Mirage (Avant Garde) and Dust 2 (Team Immunity).

Immunity got off to a flying start on Mirage. Starting as the Counter-Terrorist side, the team won the pistol round in style, without losing a single team member. This proved crucial for Immunity’s economy, as the team were able to build up their bank over the next few rounds. After winning the first six rounds, Avant Garde called a timeout, which in turn gave them the chance to claw back a few rounds. With the scores sitting at 7-2, a force-buy from Immunity proved crucial and paid off by allowing Immunity to power through, taking the game to a healthy 12-3 by half time.

At the half time switch, it was Avant Garde who would win the pistol round. However, the team failed to capitalize on their initial round win by losing the next round due to another force-buy from Immunity. Avant Garde was no match for Team Immunity as they powered through, ending the first game with a score of 16-5 to Team Immunity.

After their first win, Immunity looked extremely comfortable coming in to their map choice of Dust 2. Starting on the Counter-Terrorist side once again, Immunity picked up the first four rounds of the match, with notable performances from BURNROUk taking down three players with ease as he held B-site, and deStiny showcasing an ace on the following round. Things looked to be going roughly the same way as Mirage did, with the scores set at 9-1 to Team Immunity. Avant Garde though, determined to get back in to the game, fought back, to secure the score at 10-5 by half time.

With a high morale, Avant Garde kept fighting, this time winning the pistol round and showing much more determination than they did in the first half of the game. A strong will enabled them to fight back and bring the scores back to level at 11-11. Immunity though, determined not to lose their grip on the match, held off the comeback from Avant Garde, successfully winning every round after that and bringing the final score to 16-11; a much more respectable score line in the case of Avant Garde.

After going five games undefeated, Team Immunity now stand at 5 wins and 1 loss in the series. This puts Team Immunity in a joint first position on the ladder with Parallax, after oneStop ended Parallax’s flawless run in the competition, bringing their score for the night to 1-1.

In other news, teams Skyfire and Athletico also ended their night with results tied at 1-1, whilst Chiefs proved their dominance over Legacy eSports, securing a 2-0 win.

Our next match will be against third-placed oneStop on Tuesday, September 13 at 9pm AEST.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris