Team Immunity vs. Legacy eSports – 31 Aug 16


Team Immunity vs. Legacy eSports recap: ESL CS:GO AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Week 2 Matchday 4

Team Immunity have taken out Legacy eSports 2-0 in the second week of the ESL AU & NZ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship Series.

The boys from Immunity; deStiny, BURNROUk, Gratisfaction, JAMES and coach gazR, came together to face the challenge of Legacy eSports, comprised of gotzeloff, mArto, devK, white and JeSTer, who is standing in for HaZ in the series.

After vetoing the maps of Cache (Immunity) and Mirage (Legacy), Immunity elected to play Overpass for map 1, as Legacy opted to select Train as map 2.

Immunity started Overpass on the more-desirable Counter-Terrorist side, where the team got off to a flying start, securing the first 7 rounds in succession. Aggressive plays from deStiny forced the opposing Terrorist side to call a timeout on round 8 to reconsider their options, which in turn assisted Legacy in getting back in to the game, winning the next 4 rounds before Immunity could react. With back-and-fourth rounds until the end of the half, the score line came to a halt at 10-5 before the side switch.

At the half time switch, Immunity capitalised on their first half performance. Proving skill and dominance over Legacy eSports on their Terrorist side, Immunity ensured not to drop another round. With six consecutive rounds in the second half, Immunity stormed over the line, with a final score of 16-5 on their choice of map.

As map 2 on Train loomed in the distance, Immunity would once again be starting on the favoured Counter-Terrorist side. Winning the first pistol round of the map, Immunity’s team confidence shone through and stopped Legacy in their tracks. With some superb AWPing skills coming from Gratisfaction and James, Immunity proceeded to hold off the onslaught which was Legacy eSports, eventually climaxing at the half-time switch with scores once again set at 10-5.

Legacy eSports though, were not done just yet. Finally winning their first pistol round of the night, Legacy shrugged off their losing woes, and made it clear that they would not do down without a fight. Immunity, accepted this challenge, and the two teams collided in back-and-fourth rounds once again. Immunity though, too strong for Legacy, prevailed, winning Train 16-10 and taking out the match day with a final score of 2-0.

Earlier in the matchday, our challengers from last week, Athletico, played against The Chiefs, where Athletico won the first map 16-6, and the second map ended as a 15-15 draw.

On Tuesday night, Parallax continued their flawless run with two wins over Skyfire, whereas oneStop and Avant Garde settled their scores at one a piece.

With three wins and one loss under Team Immunity’s belt, they move up to second place in the standings after two weeks of games. Immunity’s next match in the series will be against sixth-placed Avant Garde on Wednesday, September 7, starting at 7:00pm AEST.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris