Team Immunity vs. Athletico – 24 Aug 16

Team Immunity vs. Athletico recap: ESL CS:GO AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Week 1 Matchday 2

The newly-reformed Team Immunity played their first professional competitive match together on Wednesday 24 August, in Season 2 of the ESL AU & NZ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship.

Team Immunity newcomers deStiny, BURNROUk and Gratisfaction, alongside Immunity veteran JAMES and team coach gazR faced the in-form team Athletico, which consists of players sonic, wizard, chuch, liazz and InfrequeNt.

Athletico’s first map-choice of Mirage proved a tough uphill battle for Immunity. A poor start to their Counter-Terrorist side cost Immunity dearly early on in the match, losing the first 9 rounds of the game. A tactical pause from Immunity on round 8 did not have an immediate impact on the game, but Immunity managed to pull together on their closing CT rounds to bring the score line to a more respectable 6-9 at half time, with thanks to some solid AWP plays from Gratisfaction and a 4-kill hold from JAMES in the last round from the half.

The start of the second half looked to be a repeat of the first half, with Athletico winning the first 4 rounds of the half. On Round 20, Immunity were able to bring the game into their control for a few rounds, but could not hold favour and eventually losing the first map 9-16.

Immunity elected to play Overpass in their second and last match of the evening, starting as the Terrirost side. Although Athletico won the initial pistol round, a force buy from Immunity ensured Immunity were to quickly bounce back and win wound two, including a 3-kill round from coach gazR. This trend was to follow for the next few rounds, with Immunity managing to score themselves 5 round wins in a row. Attributed to Immunity’s success was their ability to force Athletico onto multiple eco-buys, whilst also resetting their economy in the progress. A tactical pause from Athletico proved to have little impact, with Immunity closing the first half strong 13-2 and a huge advantage coming into the second half.

After half-time break, Athletico picked up their fourth pistol round of the night, and looked to get back in to the game after winning the first 5 rounds of the new half. Unfortunately for Athletico, their efforts proved to be too little too late, as Immunity held their ground in a few back-and-forth rounds to win the game 16-8, ending the match day with one win each for Team Immunity and Athletico.

Earlier in the evening, team Legacy came up against team onestop (formerly exile5) on maps Train and Cache. Onestop were able to hold off the impending players of Legacy in both games, closing them out 16-11 and 16-13 respectively.

Yesterday, team Skyfire defeated The Chiefs in both games 16-9 and 16-12, while team Parallax won both of their games against AVANT GARDE with scores of 16-11 and 16-9. This places Team Immunity on fourth place in the series after the first week of games.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris