CS:GO Roster Announcement

Over the past few months Team Immunity’s CS:GO roster has been undergoing an evolution. Whilst multiple rosters have been in play, a decision was made that will benefit all members and ultimately Australian CS:GO competition.

The next evolution of Team Immunity CS:GO will be lead once again by international champion; James “JAMES” Quinn. Yet again James will look to steer the team beyond the international victory he saw in China’s WCA tournament.

The new CS:GO roster will consist of:
James “JAMES” Quinn
Mark “deStiny” Kagen
Cal “BURNRUOk” Henderson
Sean “Gratisfaction” Haiwai

The team will be coached by:
Gareth “gazR” Lynn

Here is what James “JAMES” Quinn has to say about the new roster:
“We have a mix of very experienced players as well as new up-and-comers waiting to become super-fraggers. Whilst it is early days for this roster, we are confident we can improve and extend upon previous international results. This among other factors gives us substantial motivation to practice hard and make this a truly great team.”

The team will confirm their fifth player shortly but in the mean-time the coach; gazR, will stand in for the team as they compete in the second season of the ESL ANZ Championship. Tonight the team will compete against Athletico in their first game. You can catch the action live at 9PM AEST – twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Of note, previous Team Immunity member; Rickeh, has taken the opportunity to relocate to the United States and pursue an international career with Renegades.

The remaining two players missing from the lineup; Emagine and Zewsy, have both been afforded the prospect of chasing their own international careers. We have released both players early from their contracts with Team Immunity to allow them to join Winterfox’s new lineup to compete in North America. We wish happy fragging to all three players.

Interestingly, Team Immunity has housed over 82% of [recent] past and present Australian CS:GO players competing internationally. We’re very proud of this achievement which contributes to the greater good of global CS:GO competition and we look forward to seeing our new roster assail to even greater heights.