SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 700


  • 16,000 CPI
  • Customisable OLED display
  • Vibration alerts

SteelSeries have done it again. The Rival 700 is the newest mouse in the family and has brought a plethora of power with it. Between its tactical and tactile functions, nothing is left to the imagination.


Naturally, the design of the Rival 700 is closely similar to that of the Rival 300; an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing line of mice. With a smooth arc that fits nicely the hand, the Rival 700 facilitates users of all grip-styles. Built predominately by plastic with a matte top cover, and rubber side-grips; user control and comfort has been well planned for. The mouse boasts a 7 button structure, all of which are positioned with consideration for all grip-types. Lastly, the 2m cable is protected by braided material; assisting with strength and longevity.


Mouse body

Different top covers for the mouse can be purchased with alternate designs. Additionally, 3D models are available for users to 3D print their own nameplates. The mouse cable is also interchangeable, allowing a choice between a 1m non-braided cable and a 2m braided cable.

Tracking platform

The Rival 700 is fitted with a Pixar 3360 optical sensor as a default. Brilliantly, it is interchangeable. Although it must be bought separately, a laser sensor is available for purchase on the SteelSeries website.

OLED Display

In a first for not only the gaming industry, but the computing industry, the Rival 700 is fitted with an OLED display. Users are able to customise this screen with their own 8 bit image or GIF (128 x 36 pixels for all the designers out there) through the SteelSeries Engine. Additionally, real-time game specific alerts are available to help keep track of statistics during play.

Vibration alerts

Through the SteelSeries Engine, vibrations for specific events are available to be customised. This means that users can literally feel their cool-downs, negating the need to take their eyes off intense game-play; a millisecond game-changer that clearly gives the edge to Rival 700 users. Custom vibration patterns and intensity are available to ensure distinct differences.


With a staggering maximum 16,000 Counts Per Inch (CPI), smooth and critically accurate tracking is guaranteed. Through the SteelSeries Engine, users are able to create three profiles with different CPI settings that are easily interchangeable by using the extruding button on the top of the mouse between the left and right click.


Each of the 7 buttons on the Rival 700 is customisable. Through the SteelSeries Engine, macros are able to be created and utilised through specific games or general use.


The Rival 700 performs extremely well in both gaming and every-day environments. With no hardware acceleration and extremely high precision achieved through a top quality optical sensor, the user is guaranteed a smooth and accurate experience. The mouse’s 1 millisecond response rate creates zero-lag which is absolutely essential in FPS gaming. Furthermore, its unique vibration profiles give the added benefit of notifying the user of events without having to physically check themselves. For example; if you’re flashed in Counter-Strike, the mouse will notify you if you kill someone before the screen returns from its white-out.


Powerful optics and customisable settings means you will have the best chance to click heads in FPS games and never miss a cool-down while playing MOBA. This comfortable mouse ticks all the right boxes in both performance, comfort, and display. This is one we want to keep for a while! Well done SteelSeries.

Download the Team Immunity Rival 700 OLED GIF here:

Rival 700 - Team Immunity

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