Call of Duty CWL Season Two World Tournament Finals

Season two of the Call of Duty CWL Oceania championship came to an end earlier this month, after eight teams from Australia and New Zealand battled it out over a seven-week period. Team Immunity managed to finish fourth in the season, enabling them to qualify for the stage two tournament, which is to be held between July 14 through July 17 (US Time).

Team Immunity will be taking on fellow ANZ team OrbitGG in the first leg of the tournament. A win against OrbitGG will see Immunity face the winner of Chiefs vs. Mindfreak. Also appearing in the tournament will be the likes of North America’s greatest; OpTic and FaZe, as well as Team Infused from the Europe region.


Recap: Call of Duty CWL Season Two

Team Immunity got off to a shaky start at the beginning of the season, losing to fellow qualified teams Chiefs and OrbitGG. It wasn’t until week 2 where Immunity would find their first win – a 3-0 victory over Nv.

Week 3 was when Immunity managed to solidify their form, consecutively winning all four games for the next two weeks, including 3-1 victories against both Mindfreak and Chiefs.

Weeks 5, 6 and 7 proved to be a relatively consistent week, with the team winning three out of their next six games. Of these wins, came a 3-1 over Nv, 3-0 vs. Apotheon and 3-1 against eXellence.

Immunity finished season two with a record of 8 wins and 6 losses, which was enough to edge out closely fifth placed team Tainted Minds, and enabled them to qualify for a spot on the world stage.

Full results of Team Immunity games for CWL Season 2:

Immunity 1 – 3 Chiefs
Immunity 1 – 3 OrbitGG
Immunity 3 – 0 Nv
Immunity 1 – 3 Apotheon
Immunity 3 – 2 Tainted Minds
Immunity 3 – 1 eXellence
Immunity 3 – 1 Mindfreak
Immunity 3 – 1 Chiefs
Immunity 1 – 3 OrbitGG
Immunity 3 – 1 Nv
Immunity 3 – 0 Apotheon
Immunity 0 – 3 Tainted Minds
Immunity 3 – 1 eXellence
Immunity 1 – 3 Mindfreak

At the conclusion of season two, Immunity participated in the Oceania stage two challenge division, which is a knockout tournament starring 20 teams from Australia and New Zealand. With a bye in the round of 32, Immunity were immediately placed into the round of 16, where they faced Sway Gaming. Immunity defeated Sway in straight sets, bringing them to the semi-finals. Unfortunately for Immunity, they fell short during the semi-finals, losing to Tainted Minds 3-1, thus taking out 5th-8th position.

Team Immunity now look to America, where the world finals for stage two will be held in Burbank, California. The top eight teams from America and the top six teams from Europe will be joining Immunity and the best of the Oceania teams over the course of three days.

Luke “Sjambok” Harris