Immunity on their way to Counterpit Finals – 16.03.16

After a disappointing outcome in the recent Asian region qualifiers for DreamHack Malmö, the Team Immunity CS:GO players are on their way to Croatia to compete in the CounterPit League Finals, against the cream-of-the-crop teams in Europe and the world. We spoke to James ‘James’ Quinn, captain of Team Immunity about the recent performance in the Malmö qualifier.

“We really did learn a lot from only two days of playing in a LAN environment. We didn’t learn too much from the Asian teams but learned more about ourselves as a collective unit.” says James.

“During our travel time to Croatia, we were able to reflect on the DreamHack qualifiers and we spoke a lot about what we learned from that experience. As players, becoming more comfortable and learning about each other will drastically improve our chemistry and subsequently, our results at events of this calibre.”

The chemistry of the players is pivotal to the CS:GO team and will be the epitome of their future success. Last month, Team Immunity underwent a major roster change after Karlo ‘Ustilo’ Pivac moved onto play for the Renegades and former in-game leader Iain ‘Snyper’ Turner transitioned into a coaching role for the team. In their void, Team Immunity picked up two promising players in Ryan ‘Zewsy’ Palmer – previously a player for Chiefs Esports, and Mohammad ‘MoeyCQ’ Tizani from Vox Eminor.

“Our chemistry is getting better the more time we spend with together. We are still learning about each other but I’m confident it won’t be long until it starts showing in game.” says James.

In the past, European teams have dominated the Counter-Strike scene. Teams such as VirtusPro, Astralis, Natus Vincere and Team EnVyUs have dominated the well-fought list, and will also be competing in the CounterPit League Finals in Croatia. Noticeably, the different regions tend to have a vast array of play styles and strategies which sparks vocal rivalry from fans and players alike.

“Each region has such a big play-style change and it varies so much. The teams in the DreamHack qualifier were pretty much all about aim and raw skill. We felt that teamwork was a fundamentally lacking feature in their gameplay, but we couldn’t exploit that.” says James.

Team Immunity faces champion team VirtusPro in the first round, a Polish team with a strong core roster that has been together since early 2014.

“We’ve always had positive results against VirtusPro but we do also understand that we have had roster changes. It’s not exactly brand new as we still kept a core three but we are confident that we can achieve a good result.” says James.

The roster change saw James transition from a rifler, to an in-game leader role. We spoke to Chris ‘Emagine’ Rowlands about how the team and James have adapted to these changes in strategic leadership.

“We have a lot of confidence with James’ calling – he played a large role in mid round calling and strategy preparation within our old roster. While he still has room to grow as a caller this made the transition very easy for us and we are excited to see where this leads us.” says Chris.

It is clear the team is confident in their ability to play together and in their chances in the upcoming competition, despite being the underdogs.

“We have a bright future ahead of us and we are lucky to have a great organisation backing us in Team Immunity. Because of them, we have the funding to go to tournaments all over the world. We are always looking for future events to attend, we just want to play as much Counter-Strike as possible!” says James.

“We are so lucky to have such supportive fans and all the messages we get on Twitter and Facebook. We see all of it and we cannot tell you enough how much it means to us. So our word to you is that we as a team will always put in 100% and do our best always to achieve our goals and move forward as one.”

We at Team Immunity have high hopes for the upcoming CounterPit League Finals and wish our boys all the best in the tournament.