Immunity defeat Inchk1ng, poise for PGL Oceanic Qualifier – 18.04.16

Another great weekend of CS:GO events in 2016, and for Oceania, even greater yet. Amongst Dreamhack Malmo Masters, The CGPL Autumn champion was crowned (congratulations to Legacy eSports!) – and in their online BO3 against inchK1ngs, Team Immunity secured victory 2-1, earning their way to the WCA APAC 2016 LAN Finals.
Beginning on the Immunity pick of Inferno, inchk1ng got off to a quick start, with Ka ‘Ming’ Ming Wong leading the pack. A 10-5 first half in favour of inchk1ng, the pressure was already piled on top of the young Immunity roster. The switch to CT side for Immunity tempered the pace, but inchk1ng kept their game sharp, and closed out the second half 6-3 to finish up 16-8. A commanding execution, that inchk1ng had demonstrated previously to Immunity, at the Malmo Asian Qualifiers.
The second map being Cache; it was important for Immunity to find value in the time to talk between map changes. Cache was the pick of inchk1ng, but a map that Immunity have seen victory on recently. A fast and clean start for Team Immunity on Cache confirmed that the time to assess their next moves had done them good. The inchk1ng pace was doused early by ‘Zewsy’, and Immunity overpowered their opposition 10-5 in the first half, before battling out another 10 rounds to win Cache 16:9.
The final map of the series, Dust 2. Both inchk1ngs and Immunity had won games in similar fashions, each on the opposing teams pick. The third map pressure a concern for both teams – teams that are eager to represent their region at the WCA LAN Finals in December. Immunity exploded to an 8-0 score, before inchk1ng took a tactical pause. The aftermath was no better for the Hong Kong team – only managing a single round to finish the first half 14-1. A quick 3-0 for Immunity in the last half closed a 16-1 score line.
The revitalized Team Immunity roster had arrived firing on all cylinders, and had won another 2-1 series against inchk1ng, following their victory over them at the Dreamhack Masters Malmo 2016 Asian Qualifiers. Qualifying for the APAC LAN Finals is a sweet victory for the team. Having missed the local CGPL Autumn Finals to play in the APAC Qualifier, Immunity backed their roster, and fought well for their result. New additions Ryan ‘Zewsy’ Palmer, and Mohammed ‘MoeycQ’ Tizani, both found great form in victories on Cache and Dust 2 – vital confidence boosters as Team Immunity move on to represent the oceanic region in Beijing, in December.
Immunity will now return home to play in the PGL 2016 Oceanic Qualifier on the 19th of April. Immunity will bring back their victory confidence and energized team chemistry, and use it to fight for a slot at the Asia Minor in Seoul, South Korea. A 64 team, single elimination best-of-one format will demand that they stay sharp, and spectators will be looking for a dominant performance from the most seasoned team in the region.